Thursday, July 29, 2010

Immigration Law Flowering

aloha poets,
                     Hibiscus immigration law flowering inspires today's poetry.
Enjoy play on!

The Long Immigration Debate Draws Bead

Immigration law in Arizona takes center stage
Federal v States' rights appear now as the plague
Police chief and sheriff's  Arizona law of the land
Spark a national debate, the need to hold a hand

A burden on all in these legal and economic times
Fair immigration law is ours to find, one that rhymes
Even tourists boycott over illegal laws of immigration
Can freedom stand as eagle's claws dig in a nation?

Crossing a constitutional line fuels the long debate 
Anyone checked the human and drug corridor of late?
The right to protect Arizona seems at the fore
As the right of lawful citizens heads out the door

Department of Homeland Security, a job to do
Racial profiling can yet be the drop of the other shoe
Our President's precedence is to challenge States' right
Preliminary injunctions hold status quo, not so tight

So what's the answer, where does it all lead?
Lawmakers want something, for now they just bleed
Arizona sovereignty, border protection plants its seed
As we speak, civil rights v police departments draw bead

copyright 7.30.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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