Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Orchid Face

aloha poets,
                     Orchid face inspires today. Enjoy!

Guitar Strummer

Stop the world I want to get off my addiction to you
Social activity once, now articulates our every view
Tell me enough of you and I won't stop talking of me
We fueled the growth with natural voices to be "we"

Amid the mud we wrap the noose of noise
There are those whose sound tracks the joys
We kiss the misspoken to give an honest try
Coupled in circular motion through digital sky

The pretext of reprehension and new protege'
Just one click and I'm headed back your way
Missed you so much I still have more to say
This crash scene fills the void for us to play

Someday I swear I'm going to write a song
On arrival of you in breath it won't be long
A love like this, you usually find it broken
Homegrown versions go online, find us jokin'

I'm serious this time I'm no corporate-backed elite
Just sit here strumming guitar in my bare feet
And there you are on my mainframe in your sheen
TV-friendly this love now gone totally mainstream

copyright 7.28.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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