Monday, July 19, 2010

PTSD: Experienced Trauma v. Personal Vulnerability

Invisible Wounds

As in any prolonged traumatic event to unfold
Who is to say what's merely tin and what's gold
Exact reactions to a waking image is no science
Post traumatic stress disease stands in defiance

Are pains merely our own vulnerabilities reflected?
Of pre-conditional constitution once hidden now detected?
Is profound impact of trauma's inhumanity so widespread?
Does prudence define we simply imagined in our head

Once were doctors who in their own inimical way
Diagnosed the disease then reported their final say
Silver spoons with slivers are now so common place
Witness this extinction of war to save the human race

Save it for whom or for what you may ask
Each other, may we pursue a more worthy task?
Apathy, cynicism, alienation may abound
In the course of a day, a vulnerability found

Political artfest is the new slugfest of debate
Where doctors v. politicians head for the gate
Mistrusts of insomnia in expectations of betrayal
PTSD either way can be defined as jail

Whatever terminology, it finds ways to embrace
Just hearing of  a trauma puts us all in the race
Handsome military, rich with warrior and tale
Come home from the battlefield inside hell's jail

Can anyone know where the real answer lies?
Do personal vulnerabilities let stressors traumatize?
Medical doctors join political debate on healthcare
PTSD relives phobias in flashbacks of nightmare

copyright 7.20.10
all rights reserved
patrick daniel adams

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