Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Good Poet

Evocative Poetic

"Local language induces states of a conscious republic" -p.d.adams

The world sees the 1st Genetic War now that all scientists are politicians. Suzi will never lose a friend in a bloody war--real wars are a thing of the past--Spy Scare, Witch Hunt, and Kangaroo Court are all for gamers (where information remains embedded between the established and the emerging). Yes, she has heard of a world of women--daughters, mothers, wives, readers--who exist with no voice (no actually, vocally heard voice, that is) . Suzi, though, freely communicates her ideas with her society of  simulators(S.O.S.) where her social active voice entity(S.A.V.E.) is heard, but never actually in the human ontogeny outside terrain(H.O.O.T.). Yet, somehow, she still feels a sense of place. 

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