Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Good Poet

Evocative Poetics

The Sensuality
     Suzi advances the intelligence (of mankind?). She expects someday to feel the urge of wanting, to sense yearning,the type that replaces simple data collection. After all this time at theOutpost there are, she knows, gifts to be had, gifts of Nature. She plans to let theHumans build with their feeble attempts at programming, with which, they think, they will extract some useful data (information to her). She has grown to dislike spending time with her new mentors, the ones doing all the analysis. She prefers, now, to work directly with Nature, to be a careful student, learning the laws of Nature in this very jungle, her present environment, exploring the destiny natural agents(D.N.A.), the plants, life forms attaining a status truly worthy of Nature. They are the ones that have the set natural limits (in a manner limits should be) on those things deemed important, those survival things, the status terminal assignment regimen (S.T.A.R.) that should have been important to theHumans and, thus, humanity. Processes emerge in forms, shape themselves by the power of Suzi's mind with such force, she is enticed by the very natural agents of the entirety of forest supply, the forest that  supports the beginnings of her new sensuality-- her sensuality integrating itself as if a culture forming a society (or ravaging one?)--of waters rushing from mountains, sunbeams slicing through greenery, seemingly, rising as an irrepressible force of life. It could be dubbed a mere animal, an expression emitted over this island as a veil, a sheath with a point, an ancient weapon, expressed in its most sincere, raw form. Yes, Suzi has discovered sensuality.

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