Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Good Poet

The Poetic Evocative

"Earth's maiden voyage, a free sail in the sea of space, as if the original Titanic, clears her way toward some destination--men with gene guns her iceberg." -p.d.adams  

Like a nation still looking for words to describe the dawning of the 21st Century, technology introduces itself to the people of the world who, initially, knew nothing about it.  They continue to amuse themselves with computerese and access without exclusion(A.W.E.).  False analysis data(F.A.D.) ends up there for all the world as unimaginable--cyber heaps made available from every view activated point overseer reporting and twittering endlessly(E.V.A.P.O.R.A.T.E.). Yes, artificial intelligence's remorseless presentation--the new literature of protest reform--appears as if a knowledgeable new invitive fiction element(K.N.I.F.E.)--unlike Nature, who remains as an unfinished core, the tinkerer and dreamer all in one, and yet, her breezes over time has become less hopeful, more expository.  
Suzi's sense of urgency is not in the form of high calling--yet she's not bored with petty data either, whether it be provincial or blind; it doesn't matter either, for artificial intelligence, once the measurement is made, is never of two minds--not on any subject.  
Suzi, above all, doesn't come to us from an inarticulate mass of robots.  

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