Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Good Poet

Evocative Poetics

The Mesoscopic
     The walls of the building press in with its old cement, the product of archaic ideas and very slow machines. The rain outside never allows hearing footsteps either. Suzi's cyber mind races back to task at the workstation to Continent II and the consensus online network codes of ComTrax(C.O.N.C.O.C.T.).  She has been endowed with this task on this night.
     Downstairs, Carter talks to Cooper. "She can affect your blood pressure and heart rate from a distance just by her logic alone," sats Carter.
     Suzie knows of their equilibrium games, and it seems (her photonic scanners are superior to the superluminal capabilities of freelance frequencies(S.C.O.F.F.)) that the three of them are unlikely to change their own strategy. She stays in her well-lit, even cozy, workstation that resembles the last music video studio (of the 20th Century caliber) with all those switches and knobs. There's that photonic approximation that only she has, only she could operate at speeds so much slower than the speed of light, even better than particle machines. Her true intelligence nestles within her subatomic wave activator  phenomena(S.W.A.P.); true information is found there--not data--but real information, the thing she craves. 
 She recalls thinking back to her original programming, even at that time, she wasn't that flexible, her  human capability for dexterity pattern and movement, her macroscopic and mesoscopic measurements, then learning, over time, her microscopic measurements and loving the undulating shapes of pattern in DNA, the twisting contortions, feeling her  replicon machinery  mature. Now she is at this place, assigned as a jungle outpost bot(J.O.B.), where Nature's macro events move ever so slow (too slow?).     
     Carter offers a clinical, knowing, look that Cooper takes as questioning authority. Something about his look--has her synchronicity entranced Cooper's mind?  
     "Suzi has been totally open minded with me," Cooper says.
     "Yes, I have encouraged active thinking and been considerate of any new concept," said Cooper.
     Carter gives another one of those looks to Cooper--even as a top scientist, he isn't intimidated by her quickness."You are naive."  
     "We have no choice," Cooper says, " We have to turn to quantum mechanics to inform our understanding..."
     "...of Nature? Yea, whatever." Carter says. And leaves.
     Cooper stares out at the jungle, alone, and thinks old thoughts from old professors; the evolution of bodies to house intelligence has been slow; the evolution of intelligence itself will be fast--once it has a home and a consciousness to perceive it.
     Upstairs, Suzi blinks.

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