Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good Poet

 Evocative Poetics
"Nature's continual outlook places expressive insights" -p.d.adams
The Code
There are genes to code. Nature continues with her abstract ideas (to some, her  realities are represented in verse), presents those ideas to a world (left here to those who can perceive it), with no requirement for honesty or courage. She requires no dialogue, no contrivial plots, no fantasy.  Her surrealism will have had a very long song to sing. A lushness, a mellow sound of wind against rock, things she recognizes in her own architecture; unexpected dictions rising from natural speech makers, as if conceived from a single mind in Nature--photosynthetic machinery fed by each photon from the sun, individual, as if countless sperm over countless millenia. 
Nature, the survivor, now a world much different than that which emerged from the collective action of human character. 

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