Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Good Poet

Evocative Poetics

The Group
     Humans, even so, survive the undermining ironies of the fallacy of design determining entity replication(F.O.D.D.E.R.) of DNA double helix. They live in groups (even without covarience between gene frequency and group productivity) and, go to work seeming to not care, or even want to know about interrelations between group fitness and, (do they really need to know this?)--the productivity of each other. It's the usual way of thinking, hope for the best, natural selection will take care of it (does group selection even exists in nature). Success, they think, has nothing to do with a single group trait, nothing to do with gene frequency (character?) inside the groups of a neighborhood, or a whole country for that matter. Suzi's photo neural networks, built state of the art and, built to solve all that. Suzi knows.

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