Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Good Poet

Evocative Poetic
Friendly Fear

     Fear will stir up new intelligence, naturally knowing what to bring to the Human party. It will present the intellectualism it has created for society over the millennia: the art of real time assimilation(A.O.R.T.A.) and other traits that enable recombination(O.T.T.E.R.) in a harsh environment--both showing more usefulness than could have ever evolved on its own; a dominance; a willingness arriving to challenge hubris(W.A.T.C.H.), even against odds seemingly foregone, a sense of privilege, and newfound entitlements to be passed on when death arrives, and it soon will.
Humans have been content with fear as a watchword, or at least as a buzzword to signal alarm; Nature offers her own reasons--as a behavioral force--for kin selection when it felt its own extinction in the form of wilderness (and its accompanying force of natural selection). 
     Humans always embrace fear, as if an old friend, even as each day passes to say, "It has done well, though, it shouldn't have stayed around this long as it were. 
    Where, it thinks, does it say that it owes Humans for their loss of status, or loss of temporary power, while it continues to gain for itself an abundance of information about itself--offered so freely by Human computers? How can it be that the Humans want so much, I mean really, beyond all that information innately shared freely for eons? While they were so bunkered in their ways of communication and amusements, their love of self set its own trap. Sure, the fear that alien intellectuals would dominate actually propulsed them into their present position. It has become fate's recipe (Suzie doesn't feel wonder or ever trust pleasure, but she knows the new intelligence, Art-Intelle, would never be defined by blood relations to Humans but knows Humans wanted to tilt their society away from openness--toward stability and privilege. She also knows they are forgetful, forgetting some things, especially the one thing that machines do best--hold a position to calculate--communicate openly, happily, to one another. It is a reminder, Fear tells itself--it is a postulate--that robots don't view social relations as instrumental or exploitative; that the new intelligence takes on an alien look, on this planet, computing survival, rethinking fear.

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